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Our story

For the last few years, Chef Kamala was traveling around the world as a private Chef, impressing her elite guests with fabulous foods & tastes. Her creations were applauded all from Azur coast and mediterranean to Mexico bay and Hollywood.

Secret ingredients

What was her secret? Her fabulous selection of spice mixes, for sure, alongside great ingredients and love and passion for her work. And that is how our story began.

When Chef Kamala decided to return home Slovenia to accomplish her dream to spread the knowledge and secret among as many people in the world as she can, she invited 2 more people on her mission and created a spicy life team, that made the effort to bring the project Spicy Life to Life, with Chef Kamala as the lead and brand ambassador.

Spice IT UP

Through the working process, the team realised that there are many more ways to spice up our lives. That is how they decided to always be opened for collaboration with new people and partners, to promote their work and products, as long as they have the potential to follow the mission, TO SPICE UP OUR LIVES. To find out how, check the Spicy Life team & partners and our fabulous Spicy Life Store.

Spicy Team

Chef Kamala is our great culinary artist, food star & brand ambassador. She is providing us with great ideas for new food products, entertaining performance & culinary creativity. Chef Kamala is an artist by profession & heart - her greatest joy is to spice up her life & the lives of others with creativity, dareness & authenticity.

Neža is our designer & content creator. She is providing us with creative designs & stories behind them. Although Neža is a food safety specialist by profession, she is an artist by heart - her greatest passion is to spice up her life & the lives of others with colourful art works.

Igor is our developer of modern business stories. He is providing us with above - standard digital solutions. Igor´s work is for sure of a technical nature, but he is still an artist by heart - his greatest pleasure is to spice up his life & the lives of others by playing music.

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